By using the programme psoAbsence you always have the survey of your employees graphically. This is an option which is otherwise not offered by the usage of Outlook. For this purpose a singular registration of the employees is required. You can attribute the employees to different departments. By this means you get all employees of one department in just one graphical overview. By using psoAbsence the single absences are acquired and stored in the official Outlook-calendar which is available to everybody.

There are also indicated appointments which have been generated in the programm  psoWorkflow.

Public holidays can be configurated individually. The programme shows public holidays as well as Saturdays and Sundays via a darker-coloured column.   

The statistic inidicates the amount of absences as well as holidays and remaining days of vacation of each employee. The remaining days of vacation are taken over to the following year automatically and thus it is calculated for each year consecutively. 
Features at one view:
  + appointments can be described graphically
  + any amount of absences to define (e.g. holiday, illness ) 
  + any amount of public Outlook-calendars available
  + any amount of departments definable
  + any amount of persons per department definable 
  + appointments of psoWorkflow are displayed
  + autimatically calculation without of public holidays, saturdays and sundays
  + the remaining days of vacancy of each employee are identified automatically
  + no data base installation needed, the absences stored in calendar of Outlook
  + printing about HTML-report
  + exporting about CSV-File
  + displayfilter, statistic-correction
System requirements:
  + any OS (x86 or x64) with .NET Framework 4.0
  + Outlook 2007 to 2016 (x86 or x64)
Recommended computerperiphery:
  + DualCore Processor
  + 2 GB Ram
  + min. 1024x768 Displayresolution
  + German
  + English
on demand other languages possible
Prices and Licences: Price
The license oriented on the count of personnels which managed with psoAbsence. show price-scale as follow:  
     up to 15 personnels 449,00 EUR
     up to 70 personnels 849,00 EUR
     without personnel limit 1099,00 EUR

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