By using psoSMS you can send SMS-messages directly from Outlook. You`re able to choose the recipients from the local address books directly. Persons not being registered with telephone number in their contact data are branded red-coloured.

You can put in the text of the SMS via the keyboard of your PC easily. One SMS consists of a maximum of 160 chars. If you exceed the maximum several SMS will be generated automatically. The amount of SMS as well as the amount of the remaining figures of each SMS itself is displayed while writing.

Outlook generates an extra formatted eMail and sends it to a given eMail-address. Any SMS (or eMail) which has been sent is contained in the folder "sent SMS" afterwards. This folder is created automatically while installung psoSMS.

Furthermore you are able to declare a source identifier. Thus the recipient knows who has sent the SMS and can answer directly.

Features at one view:
  + generate and send SMS directly from Outlook
  + text input directly via keyboard of the PC
  + possibility to choose recipients from address-books of Outlook directly
  + possibility to choose several recipients
  + 160 chars per SMS 
  + division in several SMS automatically
  + remaining figures of each SMS till the next one is displayed
  + declaration of a source identifier
  + sent SMS are stored
System requirements:
  + any OS (x86 or x64) with .NET Framework 4.0
  + Outlook 2007 to 2016 (x86 or x64)
  + German
  + English

  + on demand other languages possible
Prices and Licences: Price other Currency
This Outlook-Addin is for free. only you pay the sendet SMS. show price-scale as follow:    
     SMS to german mobile phones 0,11 EUR/SMS
     SMS to foreign countrys 0,16 EUR/SMS

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