psoTimeCatcher allows registering, analysing und exporting of working hours. The ressources (e.g. employees, projects or cost centers) don't have to be configured in advance, they will be provided automatically as further option after being entered the first time. In case of small data quantities, amongst others for testing purposes, working hours can be saved as XML-files. To guarantee higher performance, larger data packages require a MS-SQL-Server 2000, 2005 or 2008 for data saving.

For analysing and exporting the working hours, psoTimeCatcher is provided with an OLAP-Report-Designer. Herewith the layout of the report can be adjusted and be saved easily via drag & drop. Report layouts already saved are available via quick access while showing the analysis of the latest figures.
Features at one view:
  + time tracking via guided input
  + data saving possible as XML-files or on the MS-SQL-Server
  + easy data analysis via OLAP-Report-Designer
  + saving of own report layouts
  + different formats for data exports available (e.g. XLS, CSV, PDF, etc.)
  + customizable to individual needs through easy configuration
System requirements:
  + any OS (x86 or x64) with .NET Framework 4.0
  + Outlook 2007 to 2016 (x86 or x64)
Recommended computerperiphery:
  + DualCore Processor
  + 2 GB Ram
  + min. 1024x768 Displayresolution
  + German
  + English
on demand other languages possible
Prices and Licences: Price
The license oriented on the count of personnels which managed with psoTimeCatcher. show price-scale as follow:  
     bis 15 Mitarbeiter 449,00 EUR
     bis 70 Mitarbeiter 849,00 EUR
     ohne Mitarbeiterlimit 1099,00 EUR
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