Reorganize your workflow and save time and paper. psoWorkflow offers many possibilities for applications (eg. holiday, travel, overtime, aso.) to create, to decide and inform the applicant. that´s all quite paperless. In doing so the application can be create appointmens in private as well as in public Outlook-calendar automatically. Furthermore selected employees (eg. personnelmanagement, carpoolmanagement, aso.) are informed about the approved application as well via eMail.


Features at one view:
  + paperless application (eg. holiday, travel, overtime, aso.)
  + encrypted data transfer
  + registration to personal Outlook-calendar 
  + registration to public Outlook-calendar
  + eMail-notification to employees (eg. personnelmanagement, carpoolmanagement, aso.)
  + no installation of data base necessary, application is stored in Outlook-calendars
System requirements:
  + any OS (x86 or x64) with .NET Framework 4.0
  + Outlook 2007 to 2016 (x86 or x64)
  + German
  + English

  + on demand other languages possible
Prices and Licences: Price
The license oriented on the count of personnels which will use psoWorkflow. show price-scale as follow:  
     up to 15 personnels 449,00 EUR
     up to 70 personnels 849,00 EUR
     without personnel limit 1099,00 EUR

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